Monday, 31 August 2015

Monday 27th July, Soulac to Rochfort

After four days of trucking along dedicated cycle paths through the forest today was a day of variations  starting with a ferry - and ending with a FLYING bridge 😀

The ferry from le Verdun in the extreme North of the Medoc to Royan in the Vendėe is rather like a 1980's IOW ferry.  We followed the train track from Soulac and thought we would be on a 1025, and arrived at 1000 - just caught the 1005 ferry - clearly wrong timetable!

The mouth of the Gironde.

The train!

Once over the ferry, some urban stuff along beaches then more forest paths then rather unsatisfactory lunch in Ronce-les-Bains where the waiter was too busy drinking with his mates to be bothered with his clients ( food was fine though)

Crossing the river Seudre - It's all salt marshes here as far as you can see!

After this the paths were far less good - partly right at side of main road, partly gravel track and partly seriously potholed roads.  We cut the corner at the end - but this gave us the added delight of discovering our first flying bridge!  I am quite familiar with floating bridges, but this bridge is suspended from above and the platform flies across the river! Fantastic way to enter Rochfort!

Today's Route was 89km at an average speed of 18.2 kph and we ascended 276m
GPX of Actual Route

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